Atraumatic Occlusion

Atraumatic Inserts

insertclampseperated248x163Insert sets are available for a variety of occlusions—from highly atraumatic to maximum traction. Seven different combinations feature four styles of inserts to meet a variety of requirements.

  • Hydrajaw inserts are made of hollow rubber filled with medical-grade silicone to provide smooth atraumatic occlusion.
  • Softjaw inserts are comprised of compliant latex-free sponge rubber for a firm, smooth atraumatic occlusion.
  • Safejaw inserts gently surround blood vessels with rows of soft, latex-free rubber pyramids to provide a more secure occlusion.
  • Tractionjaw inserts have a rigid surface, with rows of solid polymer ridges for the most secure traction.

Fogarty Disposable Spring Clips & Handleless Clamps

springclip_w_clamp248x163Fogarty Disposable Spring Clips & Handleless Clamps
Choose from a wide selection of spring clips and handleless clamps for the occlusion of delicate vascular structures and for other clamping procedures.

  • Features a variety of jaw surfaces—from highly atraumatic to maximum traction for multiple applications.
  • Spring clips provide a consistent degree of tension.
  • Handleless clamps incorporate a ratchet-type mechanism that can be adjusted for the precise degree of pressure desired.


Cosgrove Flex Clamps
cosgrove_insert248x163The Cosgrove Flex Clamp, available in either the Quick Bend clamp or the SIim Fit clamp, was developed by Cardinal Health V. Mueller in conjunction with Dr. Delos Cosgrove.

  • The Quick Bend clamp allows for a tighter bending radius and maximum flexibility
  • The Slim Fit clamp is key for working in smaller incisions


Fogarty Occlusion Catheter

Occlusion catheters are available with a small balloon or a large balloon for use in a variety of procedures.

occlusioncatheters248x163Small balloon occlusion catheters are effective in gaining temporary occlusion of blood flow in the following applications:

  • Small diameter vessels such as those in the distal periphery.
  • Operative occlusion of blood supply to specific organs such as the kidneys.
  • Vascular-neuro surgery procedures, such as carotid-cavernous sinus fistulas.

Large balloon occlusion catheters are ideally suited for occlusion control in:

  • Aortic or cardiac hemorrhage.
  • Internal jugular vein hemorrhage near the base of the skull.
  • Operation on the lower part of the abdominal aorta and renal arteries to eliminate the need for extensive dissection.
  • Thrombectomy procedure utilizing the Fogarty graft thrombectomy catheter.