Addressing a broad range of applications, Dornier Genesis is a state-of-the-art urology imaging system designed with your workflow in mind.

Unsurpassed Access

Dornier Genesis features a unique open access cantilever design that allows the urologist, anesthesia, and staff to remain in close proximity to the patient at all times from all sides of the table.

Easy access to the patient from both the front and back sides of the table
Large consistent backside access for loading, unloading and ancillary or alternative procedures
Constant backside access regardless of table or X-ray tube position
Isocentric tilt feature keeps the perineal edge of the table constant, eliminating the need for urologists to readjust their position when the table is tilted

Large Imaging Field

The lateral and longitudinal imaging movement capability of Dornier Genesis, combined with 43 cm x 43 cm (17″ x 17″) dynamic flat panel detector provides an impressive 60 cm lateral and 97 cm longitudinal imaging field, providing maximum coverage without moving the table top or patient.

UIMS, Urology Information Management System

Developed by Dornier, UIMS is a high performance, comprehensive, and user friendly system for all of your networking and data management needs.

Complete patient data management
Extensive image processing, import, export, and printing functions
Local database with large storage capacity
Comprehensive DICOM services: Modality Worklist, MPPS, Query & Retrieve, Store and Print


Dornier continues to develop new technologies to obtain the highest level of effectiveness and treatment flexibility from their devices. The result is increased patient safety and improved treatment efficacy.

  • Over scan

The unique over scan feature of the imaging system allows scanning past the edge of the table.

Radiolucent table top at perineal end
Entire urinary tract imaging range
Imaging beyond perineal end of table
Ideal for procedures such as brachytherapy
Removeable grid for dose reduction in small or pediatric patients

  • Operator Flexibility

All table and imaging system movements can be operated by using either the multifunctional foot switch, or one of the hand controllers which are located at the table and workstation. The hand controller employs a user centric orientation feature, where the orientation display and related controls are matched to the operator’s position table side. This special feature optimizes the controls of the table to match the user’s perspective simplifying positioning and enhancing workflow.

User friendly icons
Can be connected to multiple locations on the device
Duplicate hand control located at the workstation

  • Flexible Display

With its extended flexible articulated arm and wide range of motion, the high resolution monitors can be easily moved to either side of the table and in a variety of positions for optimal viewing.

  • Easy Patient Transfer

Patient transfer is simple with the special “Zero” table position. While the table adjusts to the proper height, the X-ray tube simultaneously retracts completely away from the table top facilitating easy patient transfer. The extremely low table top position of 480 mm allows ambulatory patients to easily walk up and sit on the table.

  • Quick and Easy Cleanup

Cleanup is quick and easy. Simply remove the table pad to wipe off the table surface. The table top can also be opened to allow for easy cleaning and service access to the imaging receptor.

Options and Accessories

Dornier offers a wide range of options and accessories to compliment a variety of procedures.

  • Stirrups

Gas spring knee or boot style
Simple attachment to the T-rail
Wide range of adjustment flexiblity

  • Endoscopy Shelf

Integrated power outlets and video interfaces
Flexible positions during procedures
Adjustable height shelf

  • Micturition

Standing or seated capabilities
Table rotates to vertical position
Excellent for urodynamic studies
Lightweight carbon fiber extensions