Medilas D MultiBeam

The Dornier Medilas D MultiBeam is a 80 watt diode continuous wave laser with a 940 nm wavelength. The use of Diode Power Bar technology and 940 nm wavelength make this versatile system ideal for endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins and a variety of surgical applications where lower power is effective. The Medilas D MultiBeam also includes unique safety features including the LPS, (Light guide Protection System) and Fibertom™ cutting mode.

Easy to Use

The Dornier Medilas D MultiBeam is easy to use. A color, touch-screen, graphic display shows all functions and parameters which can be selected or changed by the touch of the screen including time functions, irradiation dose and various application modes. Application set-up is quick and easy with stored treatment parameters and irradiation programs.


Ergonomic Design

The compact, lightweight, and functional design of the Dornier Medilas D MultiBeam results in high portability and flexible use. The lightweight and integrated handle makes transport easy.



The most obvious characteristic of the diode laser is its high economy. Increased reliability and low maintenance costs are a result of the exceptionally long operating life of the diodes and the system design.

Low operational costs due to long operating life
Low space requirement due to compact design
Option of device-sharing due to ease of transportation
Shorter operation times



Diode Power Bar Technology


Power Bar technology uses individual bars of high performance diodes which are combined into a single block with integral cooling. The laser light generated is focused by micro-optics and coupled directly into the laser fiber.


Unique Safety Features

The Dornier Medilas D MultiBeam offers unique safety features. The LPS (Light guide Protection System) immediately powers off the laser if excessive carbonization occurs at the applicator tip. This ensures that the applicator tip is not destroyed by overheating inside the body and reduces the risk of tissue damage.


Fibertom™ Cutting Mode

The Fibertom™ cutting mode regulates the laser power to ensure the temperature at the fiber tip remains constant. This produces even, reproducible cutting irrespective of cutting speed. This mode also prevents fiber tip ignition by reducing the output power when the fiber tip loses contact with the tissue.


Options and Accessories

Dornier offers a wide range of options and accessories to compliment a variety of procedures.


AngioSpot Handpiece

Uniform laser beam distribution
High-quality construction and ergonomic design
Assortment of focal diameters (0.5/1.0/1.5 mm)
Applications: Telangectasia, spider veins, rosacea, and angiomas/hemangiomas


Light Guide with Uncoated Bare Fiber Tip

Economically priced disposable light guide
Core diameter of 600 µm
High-quality construction and ergonomic design
Applications: Contact cutting, coagulating and vaporizing


Safety Eyewear

Goggles and glasses available
Wrap around design, no risk of exposure from the side
Available for a variety of laser devices and wavelengths