Medilas D Opal

Dornier Medilas D Opal is a lightweight, compact diode laser for use in the Ear, Nose and Throat specialty. With the proven 940 nm wavelength and maximum output power of 10 Watts, this system addresses all common ENT applications.

Easily Transported

With the convenient transport case, Dornier Medilas D Opal allows for easy and safe transportation of the laser device and accessories throughout the medical practice or to another site.

Simple Navigation

Dornier Medilas D Opal is easy to use. Preset protocols for common laser treatments in ENT can be accessed via the large color touch screen. Protocols can also be programmed individually and saved as favorites. Laser parameters of each treatment are saved in the logbook, facilitating case analysis and documentation.


Designed to address a range of applications, Dornier Medilas D Opal is suited for treatments involving cutting, coagulation, resection and hemostasis, such as:

  • Hyperplasia of turbinates
  • Recurrent polyposis nasi et sinuum
  • Synechia and Stenosis
  • Epistaxis

CostEffectiveIdeal Wavelength

Photo-biological tests have shown the laser wavelength around 940 nm to be ideal with respect to light absorption in water and blood.  The ideal absorption characteristics in water and blood lead to:

  • Reduced bleeding
  • Faster recovery time
  • Minimal post-operative pain