Medilas D UroBeam

The Dornier Medilas D UroBeam is a high powered laser optimized for the ablation of prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This minimally invasive procedure is performed in a hospital or surgery center under spinal or general anesthesia. The advanced technology of the UroBeam, combined with 250 watt power and absorption characteristics of the 940 nm wavelength, excels in making this laser ideal for reducing the symptoms of BPH with minimal side effects.

Patient and Physician Benefits

Reduced hospital stay
Minimal catheter time
Optimal hemostasis, minimal bleeding
Treatment of patients with anti-coagulant medication

Treatment Options for the Medilas D UroBeam

Prostate Tissue Ablation for BPH Treatment
Condylomata Acuminata
Kidney Tumors
Penile Carcinoma
Bladder Tumors
Stenosis of Urethra or Ureter


The UroBeam’s state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design make this an exceptional value. The color touch screen and operator programmable keys provide ease of use, while the small footprint of the laser allows for easy transport.

Technology Advantages

Optimal wavelength to treat tissue independent of hemoglobin content
Green aiming beam for enhanced visibility
Easy to use color touch panel
Small footprint

Fibertom™ Mode

Utilizing an opto-electronic control system, the proprietary Fibertom mode, in conjunction with Dornier’s bare fiber, ensures precise, consistent cutting performance by controlling the fiber tip temperature within defined limits. This feature provides a well controlled application of energy while at the same time minimizing the carbonization on the fiber tip, eliminating tissue attachment to the fiber, and preventing damage to the fiber tip.

SideFocus Fiber

High power fiber design optimized for prostate vaporization
Unique side-fire fiber for prostate applications
Supported by different scope manufacturers
High visibility aiming beam
Fiber tip positioning control

Options and Accessories

Dornier SideFocus, Lightguide type S02-6229-P-0, 5 pcs, Sterile
15 x-Reusable lightguide, bare fiber tip
Stripper, 0.7mm, for 600 um fiber
Laser goggles 930-990 nm, type Nanospec shield-glasses, laser protection L4
Laser eye protect full view 940/1064 nm, L5
Fiber Cutter
Stripper, 0.25- 0.8mm, for 200-600 um fiber