Medilas H UroPulse

A compact and lightweight rack-based 20 Watt system with a proven 2.1 um wavelength, the Dornier Medilas H UroPulse is ideal for the destruction of stones as well as for selected soft tissue interventions in Endourology. The wide range of energy and frequency settings allows the user to adjust treatment strategy from fast and coarse fragmentation to complete pulverization of the stone.
UroPulseSmallSmall and Ergonomic

Among the smallest in its class, the Dornier Medilas H UroPulse is a lightweight laser system readily integrated into trolleys, rack, or ceiling pendants.

  • Will not occupy additional floor space in the surgical suite
  • No requirement for special water or other supplies
  • System can be used immediately with no warm-up period required

User Friendly

The high resolution touchscreen of the Dornier Medilas H UroPulse provides intuitive operation with a large color graphic user interface, and user-defined protocol settings easily saved and accessed.