PreSep Central Venous Oximetry Catheter (ScvO2)

presep248x163Continuous ScvO2 monitoring with the PreSep oximetry catheter can reveal occult tissue hypoxia that traditional vital signs can miss. The prognostic value of ScvO29 has been demonstrated in post-op high-risk surgeries,1 trauma,2 sepsis,4,5 cardiac failure in CHF3,5 and recovery in cardiac arrest6,7

Guides therapy and enables early intervention

  • Continuous ScvO2 is a more sensitive indicator of tissue perfusion compared to intermittent sampling and traditional vital signs alone8-10,3
  • Continuous ScvO2 monitoring reveals the true adequacy of tissue oxygenation, enabling early detection and assessment of clinical response to intervention8,9

Convenient, accurate and easy-to-use

  • The first proven triple lumen catheter with continuous ScvO2 monitoring
  • Designed for use with Edwards oximetry monitors such as Vigileo and optical cables

Continuous ScvO2 monitoring is also available with integrated Oligon antimicrobial†† material– which releases silver ions (Ag+) from an integrated polymer that will not wash away like antimicrobial coatings.

  • Protects against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, as well as fungi and resistant microorganism strains
  • Significantly reduced the catheter colonization rate in a prospective randomized trial at ten institutions versus a standard catheter11
  • Reduced catheter-related infections by 48% in a second study when substituted for an alternative antimicrobial catheter12