Relax + Patient Table

The Relax + is a multi-functional, fully motorized patient table that can be used for a variety of procedures, including urology, endourology and gastroenterology, due to its flexibility. This unique table design offers three exchangeable carbon fiber table sections, multiple travel ranges, and two travel speeds, and can be used in conjunction with the Dornier family of lithotripters.

Exchangeable Center Sections

No cut-out: Endourological applications
Two cut-outs: ESWL applications
One cut-out: ESWL applications


Radiolucent table holds up to 186 kgs (410 lbs)
Zero bladder cut-off and large travel ranges allow the display of the entire urinary tract
Exchangeable, radiolucent mid-sections
Flexible table has X, Y, Z and Trendelenburg movement with an isocentric and non-isocentric tilt feature

Options and Accessories

Dornier offers a wide range of options and accessories to compliment a variety of procedures.

  • Boot Type Leg Holder

Attaches to table T-rail
Built-in gas spring allows easy movement of patient’s leg
Abduction/adduction without having to release the T-rail attachment

  • Flexible Drain Bag Assembly

Allows physician to get closer to the patient
Mounts to table and has a wire edge for shaping the drain bag to channel fluid
Use physician elbow rests (option) with the drain assembly for support during a procedure

  • Arm Board with Gel Pad

Attaches to T-rail with a wide pivoting range to comfortably support the patient’s arm during IV’s.

  • Neck Roll

Allows comfortable patient positioning
Eases stretching the patient’s neck for convenient intubations