The FloTrac Sensor

flotrac1_258The FloTrac system is a practical, reliable, and minimally-invasive solution that provides dynamic and flow-based hemodynamic parameters through an existing arterial line. These parameters can be used in Perioperative Goal-Directed Therapy (PGDT) protocols to hemodynamically optimize your moderate to high-risk surgery patients.

The FloTrac System 4.0:

The FloTrac system 4.0 algorithm update helps advance patient care by providing more clarity and reliability in a greater number of procedures and patient types, helping clinicians to make more informed decisions.

  • Expanded patient database includes more diverse clinical situations and procedures in moderate to high-risk patients
  • Cardiac Output (CO) tracks more closely with patient physiology
  • Enhanced Stroke Volume Variation (SVV) filters out irregular heartbeats found in patients with most arrhythmias
  • High signal fidelity and secure authentication between sensor and monitoring platform supports patient safety

The FloTrac sensor uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate a robust set of parameters to give for clarity into your patients changing condition. The latest enhancement evolves the algorithm using an expanded patient database that informs the algorithm to recognize and adjust for more patient conditions – including hyperdynamic conditions.