Vascular & Biliary Surgery Products


Edwards Lifesciences offers a range of products for identification and removal of gallstones

The Cholangiography Catheter features include:

  • Allows introduction of contrast media into cystic and common bile ducts
  • Clear vinyl body makes it easy to detect air bubbles which could be mistaken for stones
  • Three-way luer-lock hub enables the introduction of irrigation fluid and contrast media
  • Beveled tip facilitates introduction into common duct and reduces the risk of accidental withdrawal
  • Cholangiography catheter also available in 80 cm length to meet the needs of laparscopic procedures

The Edwards Fogarty Biliary Balloon Probe features include:

  • Balloon catheter designed to atraumatically remove hepatic calculi
  • Optimally thick balloon resists puncture by the calculi
  • Radiopaque body is stiff enough to manipulate, yet flexible enough to minimize damage to the duct wall

The Edwards Fogarty Irrigation Catheter:

  • 10F catheter designed to facilitate flushing contrast media from the ductal system
CAUTION: Federal (United States) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse events.
Cholangiography Catheter Models
  Model Size (F) Length (cm)
 420404F 4F 40
 420406F 6F 40

Billiary Balloon Probe
  Model Description Size (F) Length (cm) Max Liquid Capacity (ml)
 410235F Fogarty Biliary Balloon Probe 5F 23 .4
 410405F Fogarty Biliary Balloon Probe 5F 40 .4
 410236F Fogarty Biliary Balloon Probe 6F 23 1.25

Fogarty Irrigation Catheter Models

  Model Description Size (F) Length (cm)
 220804F Fogarty Irrigation Catheter 4F 80
 220806F Fogarty Irrigation Catheter 6F 80
 2202310F Fogarty Irrigation Catheter 10F 23


Edwards Fogarty Catheter Rack

  • This rack is intended to be wall-mounted
  • After wall-mounting it can be used to hold Fogarty catheters
  • Model number CV6000